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ANXIETY & FEAR ~ we all can relate

Anxiety and fear…two words that pop into my world more than I would probably like them to.  With what is going on in the world right now, I figured it would be a good time to bring these feelings into discussion.  The uncertainty, lack of routine, and what is to be the new normal has triggered some of the qualities in one another that we often don’t acknowledge.  For me, its trying to dig deep within myself to keep the strength I have gained from many years of therapy and work within myself present on a daily basis.     From a young age, I was taught that anxiety and fear of the unknown are to be a part of my...

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SOUL ~ ignite your fire within; for it is this fire that could change the world

What ignites your soul?  What on this earth or off this earth gives your entire being peace, comfort, and calm?  If we all knew this answer, I believe our world would be a different place.   A few month ago I went to go see a famous medium to help me work through some things that I knew only a higher power could do.  Now, I know not everyone believes in this and that is fine, but it is something I knew my soul needed.  I have had vivid dreams of my Poppie ever since the day he passed away.  Some of them were messages he wanted me to give to my Nonnie, others were just me watching him, crying,...

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LOVE ~ my story, my journey

Love is safe.  Love is who you want to come home to after a bad day.  Love is never scary.  Love will never hate you.  Love will protect you.  Love will put you before anything.  Love will swallow its pride and apologize when deserved.  Your idea of love may be different that another persons.  This is a tricky one for me to grasp.  I often finding myself asking why, or saying "but I would never do that."  Do not expect someone to respond or act the way you would…they never will.  Although peoples actions can make you question whether or not they love you, step back and breath.  Ask yourself, are they loving me in the way they know how...

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SWEAT ~ my story behind movement

Move your body because you love your body, not because you hate it.    I played softball, ran track, and even gave lacrosse a try.  I was a painfully shy young girl, so when it came to sports, I needed a lot of encouragement from the people around me to ensure I was doing a good enough job.  Because I had little support from the outside world, I ended up quitting.  If I could tell my younger self one thing about that time of my life it would be, you are good enough.  You are just as athletic as those other girls.  You can do this for as long as your heart desires and you will be successful.  But, my...

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