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clothing created from STRENGTH, LOVE & PURPOSE

Our Mission

A clothing line created by a mother's journey with the helping hands and hearts of her beautiful children. Each unique piece is woven with PURPOSE; designed to be worn confidently from day to night. Clothing that empowers all humans to trust the journey of life, and be inspired to LIVe their best day through STRENGTH and LOVE.

Our Story

The other day I was watching my daughter Liv in absolute amazement, which I do often. At just six years old she exudes such confidence, kindness, and deep, undeniable strength. She has grasped the concept of empathy, to the point I see her watching others just to make sure all is ok. She knows how to comfort simply by saying "nothing that is beautiful will ever try to hurt you." She reminds me daily with her intoxicating smile and calming touch just what life is about.

It’s about "LIVing".

She LIVes life without judgement, without criticism, without an ounce of harshness. She embraces everything about people, good or bad, and shines her bright light upon all who are around. This is a freedom we all deserve to feel as human beings. The freedom to simply b.


Our Purpose

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